Go on, Get Outside!

 Over here at UNIQUE LA we're pretty busy, which means we don't get out a whole lot. Like a lot of today's society we sit hunched over our computers, we're plugged into our Facebook profiles 24/7, and our cell phones sit just inches away beside us on our desks (and even on dining tables during lunch). Now and again we all need a break, we need the warmth of the sun to hit our faces. Quite simply, we need to get outside a bit more!At a recent meeting in Venice we decided to stop by the beach during 'working hours' to do just that - we took our shoes off and ran in the wet sand, we goofed-off and held an impromptu jumping contest... Which, as you can see below, Marat totally won! It felt wonderful.

So we say to you, as you sit reading this on your phone or computer, take a break! Go for a walk, eat lunch outside in a park, heck, take your laptop and work outside in the glorious sun. Just get outside and enjoy the fresh air!