DIY: Tie Dye Denim

This DIY kick starts my tie dye week (another version to come) and just might be my most favorite DIY yet!!  As I was perusing the latest Elle magazine, I saw an ad for Paige denim.  It was for a beautiful pair of tri-colored tie dye jeans (Paige Toulouse Verdugo Skinny).  I have been on a color obsession lately and had to have my hands on these. The price was a little out of reach for me, so I thought I would take a stab at it myself. The steps were pretty simple.

- white skinny denim (I bought an inexpensive pair from Target here )
- RIT dye (denim blue, wine bordo, and petal pink)
- sponge brush
1. Follow the steps on the RIT dye package to create your dye baths.
2. Using your sponge brush, paint strokes on the front side of the jean.  Start with the lightest color. I used petal pink. Note: I added a bit of tan to get a more coral color.
3. Paint strokes with the next darkest color on the front side of the jean.  I used wine bordo. Note: I added a bit of denim blue to make it a bit more magenta.
4. Paint strokes with the darkest color on the front side as well. I used denim blue. Note: I added a bit of wine bordo for a purple tint.
5. Once, the front side is fully painted, let dry and follow steps 2 through 4 for the back side.  Do not forget about the side seams, paint strokes to connect the front and back sides.  Let dry!  Try on and dance!!  You now have fun pair of tie dye denim!!  Swell done!!