March 10: This is Your Library

Save the date! On March 10th I will be sharing the stage with a famous actor, a former NBA star and a best-selling author. Nah, not intimidating at all eh?! Nerves aside, I am really excited and honored to have been chosen to be featured with such an amazing caliber of talent. It's all part of the fifth This is Your Library, the Library Foundation's series of late-night talk show style events that occur after-hours at the historic Central Library, right here in downtown LA!

Being a part of this special night holds a lot of meaning to me because I'm a huge fan and supporter of the DTLA library... I grew up in LA and so visited the library a lot as a kid. I remember how special it felt to check-out books, and how "grown-up" it felt to bring them back and put them in the return bin. One of my all-time favorite childhood memories is watching puppet shows at the library with my little sister - we'd bring picnic dinners (or if we were really lucky we'd get "take out", fried Pioneer Chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy) and find a spot on the floor for an evening of fun. As I grew older and discovered the Sweet Valley High series, I'd check out as many as I could at a time and would devour them cover-to-cover in days. Now as an adult I visit the library for inspiration and research. And whenever I need a place that is air conditioned in the summer, I head straight to my local library!

The thing about libraries is that they are one of the few places left that are free and open for all. Libraries don't discriminate, their doors are open for all who wish to come in and open their minds (or simply take a break at a desk in a quiet atmosphere). The This Is Your Library event is one of many that the Library Foundation of Los Angeles puts on to support and enrich the capabilities, resources, and services of the Los Angeles Public Library. Please come join me for this night of fun... Which also includes drinks and live bands! I hope to see you there...