Stoked for 2012

While it's hard to accept the fact that it's the year 2012 (seems like just yesterday the world was counting down to Y2K), there are so many things to be excited about this year. Whether it's world events or smaller happenings in our own backyard, 2012 is pretty much going to rock. Here are a few highlights that I'm looking forward to... VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Before I started UNIQUE LA three years ago I spent most of 2008 registering voters and acting as Director for a non-profit whose mission was to increase local voting among 25-35-year-olds. I guess you could say that one of the things I'm most passionate about is voting and this is an exciting year for politics! I'm excited because in November America will vote for President, which means the media turns up the attention given to voting...

As someone who cares deeply for local-level politics, this will be a good year to get more people interested in how their local vote truly creates the place we all call home. Long Beach to Silverlake, if you care about LA, and more specifically your own neighborhood, it's crucial that you vote not just for the sexy elections like Mayor and President, but for all of the small, local items on the ballot. If you want more bike lanes or better schools in your neighborhood or want the potholes on your street repaired, you should vote local. Use your voice to create the change you want to see!

With that said, I am making it my goal to help raise the number of people who 'vote local'. So this year at UNIQUE LA shows we'll have voter registration forms available at our booth. :) Let's rock not just the national vote but the LA vote too!

New Shows & Events! All of us here at UNIQUE are excited to be expanding. We'll be starting UNIQUE SF and UNIQUE NYC this year, dates TBD (SF will most likely be in June and NYC in October). We're also stoked to start our Monthly Monday Movie Night at the Echoplex, which will be a curated selection of diverse films that ALL take place in LA. Talk about local love...

The debut movie is Chinatown, the 1974 neo-noir classic starring Jack Nicholson with a sinister plot about crime, adultery, and the DWP! Don't miss it on Monday February 27th - of course there will be cocktail + beer specials, food from our favorite Unique LA vendors and pizza from Two Boots! For all details on our Monthly Movie Night click here now!

Let the Games Begin

I am a huge Olympics nerd. I love me some Olympics. Whether it's Diving, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Triathlon or Football (er, soccer) I watch it all! Four years ago my BFF Nick would arrive at 1am to watch the 2008 Summer Games with me (neither of us had 9-5 jobs so we could afford the luxury of being geeks, glued to the TV until the sun came up). Quite simply put, there is something magical about the Games. The amount of sacrifice and dedication that the athletes possess is inspiring, and the spirit that takes place around the world gives me chills.

This summer's Olympic Games take place in London, England, from July 27th - August 12th. I know I'll be watching, will you?

Year of the Dragon

I was born in 1976 (yes, that means I am thirty-freakin-five), the year of the Dragon, so hold a special place in my heart for the Chinese Zodiac sign. Aside from my bias, the Dragon is the most treasured sign because it is the mightiest of them all. That means we're all in for a mighty good year! Dragons tend to be dominant, very successful and ambitious. They are the rebel of the signs and prefer to live by their own rules. Dragons are driven, unafraid of challenges, and are risk-takers. So get ready, I think this year is going to be powerful!