2012 Trend Forecasts

The year just started, duh, and we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of  things that we personally think are going to be HOT in 2012. Sonja's Predictions

1. Personalization: With so many ways to check-in and be recognized online, I think products like ID bracelets, necklaces of peoples names, and items that are monogrammed (like tote bags and towels) will be huge this year.
2. Small-Batch Booze: With more and more bars offering local brews and fancy cocktails with artisanal ingredients, I think we'll also see more cool, small businesses pop-up that specialize in small-batch booze like bourbon and gin. Cheers!
3. The 90s Are Back: I said it last year but this year the trend of all-things-90s will actually hit the mainstream. Look for huge polka dots, neoprene Body Glove-like bathing suits, and lots of black and white.
images via: roxy.com, St. George Gin, West Elm


Aisha's Predictions

1. Pastel colors: are coming back with an adorable easter bunny palette. However don't trash your neons or any bright colors yet, just make more room in your closet. If you are not ready for the head to toe pastel look, just try adding some accessories or even better, start with pastel nails.

2. Athleticism (sporty chic): is all about combining athletic gear with heels, wearing tennis skirts for dinner and so on. It was seen on most runways for Spring 2012, however with the Summer Olympics coming up, I'm sure it will stay way longer than it was expected.

3. Flower antlers, yes flower antlers.

images via: vogue.com, kariherer.com


Marat's Predictions

1. Slicked-Back Undercut: Men's hairstyles don't drastically change like women's; they slowly evolve. The slicked back haircut influenced by the hairstyles of the early 20th century looks really clean and sharp. I'm personally debating whether to do it or not...

2. The Doctor's Bag: This isn't just a menswear trend, the doctor's bag is a must have accessory for all. Pricy? Yes. But its definitely one of the more functional and elegant accessories you can get your hands on.

3. Pops of Neon on your Footwear: For all you conservative dressers, this is a great way for your outfit to stand out! Be it a neon sole or some funky shoe laces; your shoe game will definitely look killer.

images via: freshnessmag.com, mrporter.com