Modern 'Up-Cycled' Wreaths

This eco DIY project will wow visitors and family as you show them how to turn old clothing items and yarn into fab holiday wreaths! If you've ever lost a great sock to the Washing Machine Sock Monster and can't seem to part with the remaining sock, this is the perfect project for you. It's festive and fun - it's a great activity to do with the whole family or with some friends while enjoying a bottle of wine. ;) Have fun!


APPROX TIME 30 minutes

MATERIALS NEEDED - a wreath form (I used a foam form from a craft store but if you wanted to be really eco, you could twist old clothing and wrap wire around it to form a ring) - pins - scissors - yarn - cardboard to make a stencil (I used an old cereal box) - fabric for the 'leaves' (I used an old scarf and pieces of felt I had in my craft closet though any textile could be used for the appliques from wool socks to old leather belts)

INSTRUCTIONS 1. Draw the shape of a leaf or holly onto cardboard. Cut the shape out of the cardboard and then use it to trace onto your fabric. Cut the fabric pieces out to create your 'leaves'. 2. Wrap yarn around the wreath to cover it completely. 3. Attach the fabric leaves to the form using pins. 4. Cut a long piece of fabric to be your 'hook'. Fold it in half and pin it to the wreath form twice, creating the hook. 5. If making multiple wreaths, cut different shapes out from your fabric, so there is variety. 6. Repeat Step 3.