Damn Good at Daily Dose

I have quite possibly found the Best Sandwich in LA. I know, I know, that's a pretty hefty statement but trust me. I actually don't really care for sandwiches. Really. It stems from two things:


#1  I had braces all through high school which made it sooo tedious to eat sandwiches (having to spend what seemed like hours removing jammed-in bread from the metal mess surrounding my fangs) that I stopped eating them all together. After the braces were gone I had already moved on to Pho and bite-sized sushi and never turned back.
#2 I am a picky eater and can't handle anything spicy. I'm not as bad as Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, but close. Spicy mustard, sprouts, fresh organic tomatoes, handmade aoili? No thanks!


Now that you know just how neurotic I am, let's get back to the Daily Dose Masterpiece. When I find a sandwich that I like, it's a BIG deal. Love at first bite. The Daily Dose's "Farmer Sandwich" has so many ingredients I thought that I would hate it, but after my first delicious bite I was in heaven. This is the type of sandwich that drips down your hands as you eat it. This is the type of sandwich that has been made with care, passion and love. This is the type of sandwich that you need to try. The owner literally makes each sandwich to order, cramming-in loads of artisanal, local ingredients - it's actually hard to decipher all that's in The Farmer but a few things I love include burrata, potatoes, pesto, and serrano chili jam.
Perhaps I'll let these pictures tell the story...
The Daily Dose is located in a brick alleyway surrounded by ivy in downtown LA at 1820 Industrial Street.
Monday-Friday 7am – 7pm/Saturday 8am – 6pm/Sunday 9am – 4pm