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Walk this Way!

Whether China, Italy or Guatemala, most of the shoes I like are made abroad. But because it's not only my passion but my business to discover independent, Made in the USA brands and then get others to discover them, I'm always on the hunt for cool locally-made shoes... It's tough. So you can imagine my giddy-delight when I met Marisa Spinella the owner of Penelope and Coco last month. I literally freaked out. These shoes are modern, sleek and sexy...

What I really love about Penelope and Coco is that they've taken a few classic shapes and added their own twist. The oxfords come in a beautiful fuchsia leather instead of the usual dark colors and the silver studs added to the heel of their black version is to die for! The prices may be higher then what you'd find at the mall, these shoes are the perfect example of quality over quantity. Well-made with quality materials and care, they won't just last you for a season or two, these shoes are made to last a lifetime. Hallelujah!