Tough Cuffs

I always have difficulty finding jewelry for men. I wouldn't say that I'm a conservative dresser or anything, but I'm sure most men would agree that the majority of accessories for men are either extremely trashy looking, or simply feminine. If I were to put a criteria for a good bracelet/necklace/ring, I'd say the only things that matter is that its simple, good quality, and small. Simply put, the accessory should match a modern man's wardrobe. If my rant makes any sense then you'll be surprised to hear that I actually found something I like. Austin based designers Christine Fail of Fail Jewelry and Natalie Davis of Canoe teamed up for a collection simply named Fail+Canoe. I love how natural and rustic these bracelets look. They sure meet my criteria, what about yours?

 1. Waylon Cuff / 2. Willie Cuff / 3. Merle Cuff