These Cards are Aces

Let's just get this out in the open and give me a chance to come clean. I, Sonja Rasula, am a playing card junkie. I've got at least 30 decks hidden around the house; my Best Cards are in Ziploc baggies just in case there is ever a flood in LA. It's not just that I love playing card games, but that I absolutely love the graphic design found on old decks. Some of my favorites are 1960s-era decks that were given away by the airlines. But in all my collection, there aren't any decks made after 1970. Why? Because they are U-G-L-Y. Something bad happened, and I'm not talking about disco or no-iron clothing. Innovation and design seemed to take a backseat and many products were never given the proper design care they deserved. So for decades many household products were produced year-after-year with the exact same design. Pair that with the fact that Americans stopped playing cards as the popularity of watching TV grew (and social drinking and smoking started to fade), and playing cards were screwed.

So it's with giddy excitement that I bring you these brand newMonarch Playing Cards, designed by theory11 and of course Made in the USA. Finally someone has brought sexy back to the fine art of being a player. These cards are sleek but it's the sexy packaging that has me screaming, "Yes!" With the popularity of Mad Men and the comeback of The Cocktail, perhaps playing cards are the next must-have item?! Play on players, play on.