Designer Q&A: Superstar Lipline

They say my lip gloss is poppin' my lip gloss is cool... Anyway, our latest designer Q&A features the Superstar Lipline founders/lip gloss aficionados Adrian & Erika Culverson.

Favorite things about LA?

The myriad of cultures, cuisines, the endless cornucopia of shopping experiences, awesome weather and tons of outdoor activities.

What do you make? Super, fabulous lipbalm!

How long have you been in business? Since 2005.

Why did you start your own line? We were inspired by the lip-balms of our childhood. Our mission was simply to create the perfect lipbalm.

How are your products made? Superstar Lipline is proudly made in LA, and is not tested on our furry friends.

Have a fun story about Superstar Lipline? Yep… We were shopping at Hayden-Harnett ( a leather goods store in Brooklyn, NY) while vacationing. We gave a sample to the salesperson because she was so nice and forgot about it. When we got back home to LA, the store owner had already left us a message placing an order for Superstar Lipline.

Where are your products sold? On our website at and in various boutiques.