The Bee's Knees



Last month Sonja (the founder of UNIQUE) and Jon had an epic 3-day wedding in Joshua Tree, California. I knew Sonja loved Hendrick's Gin but had no idea how good it was myself until she served-me-up a glass of "The Bee's Knees". I was instantly hooked, as were all the guests...

After some quick research I discovered the drink originates from the Prohibition era, where the main ingredient (gin of course!) was masked by honey. Nowadays, the cocktail has many variations, but we give you the exclusive recipe from our friends at Hendrick's Gin. Trust me, you'll love this cocktail!

- 2 OZ of Hendrick's gin

- 1 OZ honey syrup (warm 2 parts honey mixed with 1 parts water in a pan until fluid)

- 1/2 OZ lemon juice

Combine above mentioned ingredients, shake well with ice, and strain into a glass. Garnish with a lemon twist if you'd like, enjoy!