Against the Wall!

While most people cringe when talking about wallpaper, I get rosy cheeks. Many of us lived through the 70s and 80s when wallpaper took a turn for the worst, but trust me, the days of floral-covered kitchens and peach polka-dot covered bathrooms are gone! As an interior designer I've been using wallpaper for as long as I can remember - in fact, as cast member on HGTV's Home to Go I became known for incorporating wallpaper into every episode. And just last month I listed not one but two different wallpapers on my wedding registry. Today I thought I'd share and declare my love for wallpaper with the world... I'm saying it loud and clear, "Wallpaper rocks!" The truly awesome thing is that two of my all-time favorite wallpaper companies are American (and you guessed it, proudly make it all here in the States): Hygge & West and Flavor Paper. Enjoy!

Hygge & West wallpapers: 1 Petal Pusher designed by Oh Joy! / 2 Forest Leaves designed by Pattern People / 3 Daydream designed by Julia Rothman / 4 A Stone's Throw Away designed by Oh Joy!

Flavor Paper wallpapers: 1 Vivid Victorian/ 2 ONDA in Saltwater Taffy/ 3 Luxury in Lavendar / 4 Fishnet in white vinyl